Logos & Visual Identities


PLDT, the Philippine Long Distance Telephone Company, is the leading telecommunications provider in the Philippines. In addition to their landline operations they also provide mobile telephony through their subsidiary Smart Communications. Ignited was tasked with designing new corporate identities for both PLDT and Smart with matching logos.


SizeRight provides instant size recommendations to online shoe shoppers through an in-browser widget. All it takes is a few quick photos on the SizeRight app to accurately measure a user's feet. I was hired by SizeRight to design a visual system for the brand: from a logo design and art direction, to their iOS app UI and in-browser widget.


Tula is a work-life balance skills dashboard. It was created for corporations as a platform for their employees to explore and discover how to achieve greater fulfillment through their work and life.

Infinite Loop

Infinite Loop is the creative studio of Ryan Rogalski.


For people who have to address a specific task or challenge and are looking for music to help, musicto publishes albums designed to create the optimal sonic environment. Musicto creates music for specific actions and behaviors.

The Cosine Group

The Cosine Group provides investment banking and strategic advisory services for early and growth stage technology companies.

Mount Penguin

Mount Penguin is a commercial, lifestyle and documentary photography team, consisting of the talented Jovelle Tamayo and Ramon Dompor. Mount Penguin was created to showcase the work of visual artists and friends.


Gifgasm is a modern image search engine created by Infinite Loop. Search for any keword and embark on an immersive visual journey. Sit back and experience a specific tumblr by entering @tumblrusername in the search bar. Gifgasm has been featured on Product Hunt & Designer News.


MonkeyBadger, an open source project, is an error tracking system that uses a Bayesian classifier to send notifications when it classifies an error as urgent.


Raiserve is a non-profit allows volunteers and their supporters to come together to build a better world through volunteer service.


dotBK is a menswear startup that offers small-batch clothing at a better price than its mass-produced competitors. The company was started by a small family business of clothiers based in New York’s garment district.