Hi, I’m Alexa Wright. I live in Los Angeles where I’m a freelance associate creative director.

My creativity spans various disciplines. Ever since I could use a pair of scissors, I've explored physical and digital creation. Crafting objects, taking photos, designing, and blogging. My love for the tangible brought me to focus on fashion design at NYC's Fashion Institute of Technology. I was happy to find that the field not only allowed me to make things that were beautiful and wearable, but it also nurtured my digital skills and conceptual thinking.

After delving into the fashion industry and earning my BFA, my career took an unexpected turn, and I entered the world of pixels and problem-solving. Now, I work with brands and start-ups to distill their essence into visual experiences across branding, design, content, and campaigns.

Outside of my client work, I continue to make things by hand, like silk kimonos (they’re so timeless and elegant) or wooden benches (excellent for sitting on). I also take photos, mostly of animals, plants, and people. I publish photo stories to the blog and collect things I find beautiful on Anima Sanctuary, my living mood board.

That’s enough about me. Let's talk about you.

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